Discover our anti-fatigue & anti-stress Multivitamins supplement formulated with 29 vitamins, minerals and plant extracts.


Quality & efficiency

We choose the most qualitative and best-assimilated form for each ingredient.


We publish the detailed composition and certificates of analysis of our products.

French expertise

Our supplements are developed and manufactured in France according to the strictest standards.

We are rated 4,8/5


Our formulas are guaranteed free of chemical additives and controversial substances.

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29 premium ingredients

Food supplements for health and well-being

Since 2012, we have developed a full range of quality, healthy and effective supplements to help you be at your best, every day. And always at the right price.


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Our range of products

Vitamin C powder

Featured product

Nutrivita is a French brand of food supplements born in the South West of France in 2012. Our ambition right from the start: to offer the best in micronutrition, to help you achieve all your well-being goals.

Active ingredients of natural origin, assimilable forms, adapted dosages, proven effectiveness, clean and transparent formulas... to offer you supplements of the highest possible quality, we make no concessions.

What if you really took care of yourself now?

Supplements for the immune system

We offer a selection of vitamins that are essential for the maintenance of immunity, such as

vitamin C powder or the (if necessary, we can provide you with a liposomal vitamin CComplete Guide to Vitamin C), the as well as the vitamin D3.zincSupplements against fatigue and stress

If you need a helping hand to regain your energy and motivation, certain supplements are essential: the

magnesiumthe or the Detoxify my body . These formulas will help you to naturally boost your body and give it back all its vitality! multivitaminsRead more

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